Saturday, October 18, 2014

My Baking : Failed honey sponge cake

 Looks nice in the first place

 Starting to get weird as only center part rise

Top and bottom texture is not the same..

I didn't turn on bottom heat element in my oven..Only top heat element was turned on..
As I used it to heat up my chicken yesterday night... Arghhhhh!!Stupid mistake.....

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Nippon Yataimura Re-open, Queensbay Mall

First visit after the renovation.. 
The soup is salty and dilute.. compare to My Voice..
I think my requirement on ramen has raised.. 

Hungry face 1 + Hungry face 2
Frustrated face 1 + Happy full face

Laksa and Char Koay Teow in Taman Emas, Jalan Gottlieb

Caffe Bene, Gurney Paragon

Finally I'm here after seeing many post on FB...
The single Bingsu is quite big portion for me.. Hard to finish it by my own..
Can't imagine those order double Bingsu... 

 Tiramisu Waffle.. yummy! 

 Strawberry can taste the freshness of the strawberry very well.. 

 First, press the topping to the bottom.. Next, stir well

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Late lunch in Chicago Rib House, Gurney Plaza

 Seafood spaghetti.. 

FULL RACK rib for hubby.. 

Muntri news, Muntri Street

Thanks to Coco for the treat! We had a very pleasant breakfast! 
Met Bryan, captain from 32 Mansion.. He works in Muntri Mews now.. 

 Cake of the day.. very generous almond flakes..

 My warm warm cappucino..

I ordered Smoked salmon with toast..

 Yoke ordered crossaint..the cheese omelette inside was so yummy! 
I will come back for this! 

Eggs All the Way for Coco... she loves the blueberry jam..

Hmm.. I forgot to take the photo of hubby's beef bacon bagel.. haha

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hock Seng Rojak - Rojak King, Macallum Street

Pitstop at Hock Seng Rojak.. right after my dental appointment...haha..
We bought one to eat in the car, another one for Kim...
The best and most expensive rojak in Penang..