Thursday, March 19, 2015

From KL to Taiwan..

"Sakura" in KLIA2

Looks like snow flakes..window of the aircraft

Taoyuan .. From the place we stay

First stop in Taiwan.. 7-11.. haha..

Booked a room from Rachel for one night..
She is a pet lover.. have a cute kitty in the house..

Monday, March 16, 2015

Sakura Season..

A gift from hubby's friend from Japan..
Sakura red tea and sakura matcha chocolate..
The packing looks so pretty...

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bibis Cafe, Kelawei, Gurney

My first visit.. even though we passed by so many times.. :P
Nice and and coffee taste great too...
Except my sandwich... it woould be great if the amount of sauce reduce to half...

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Kiyomi, Elite Avenue

New japanese restaurant in Bayan Lepas area.. Kiyomi..
Hmm...service is OK...Maybe will give it another try to see the food taste improved or not..

Hmm... taste.. OK la...

Taste OK..

Cabbage sliced quite thick and hard..

Khoon Klang Bak Kut Teh, Perak Lane, Jelutong

My first visit was few months ago, with my colleague..
Today is my second visit.. came with hubby...
Dry or soup based, both were delicious.. definitely will come back again..

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Not a pleasant visit in Macullum Connoiseur, Gat Lebuh Macullum

My first visit to this hot cafe in town right now.. seen in blogs and FB..
A conversion of an old warehouse into a cafe.. feels like sitting in a warehouse too..
Not a very pleasant visit during the night.. It was quite noisy.. 
For big gang hangout probably ok.. not a cozy cafe to relax though..

A waitress who pick up our order at the order counter gave us a table number, it was a long table with a group of 5 people at the other end. We ordered, we paid and walked to the other end of the long table.
A guy from the group came to approached us and asked if we could move to another table as they are expecting big group of friends is coming. He said he will tell the waitress about the table switch.
So we went to sit at the table he proposed. The table was not ready yet. In a short while, one of the waiter came to tidy up the table.
For quite sometime, the guy who approached us did not make the arrangement but still chit chat with a lady in the group. So, hubby went to the order counter to inform the waitress about table switched.
After a while, I saw a waiter served our drinks at the long table. Another people from the group shaked his head and the waiter kept looking at a piece of paper. The guy who approached us still talking to the lady without noticing the waiter.
We waved to the waiter to come over our desk when he is on his way back to the coffee bar.
I told the waiter what happened about the table switch and ask if he knows the guy, the waiter told us that guy is one of cafe's owner. I was shock and "OMG".

For me, if you serve average food but with good customer service, high potential for another visit.
But if you serve great food with poor customer service, less likely people will come again to endure another bad service. 

The score? The coffee and the cake > "average" standard. 

The Big Fat Hen Express Diner, Anson Road

 Minestrone soup.. not bad

 Hubby's sandwich..average

 Tomyam pasta.. surprisingly tasty!

 My Cappucino

 Ice cream come with the set..

Chocolate cake with liquor.. forgot what is the name..