Sunday, January 31, 2016

Baking a pizza is not an easy job...

Special thanks to my hubby as the baker tonight.. :P

Capsicum, mushroom, cherry tomato

 Beef salami, chicken salami, cheese sauges..

 Thick tomato puree

Generous portion of cheese

 Flooded with all the ingredients

 Flooded again with cheese..

 I see the ingredients is 3 or 4 times thicker than the dough..
Oh.. about the dough.. bought from supermarket..

 Before go in oven..

Ta Da! Pizza is done!

Food art

Queensbay Mall CNY Deco

Saturday, January 30, 2016

一棵树Vegetarian Kitchen, Golden Triangle

6 of us visited一棵树 for the first time. 

 Lemon cheese cake

 Rainbow fried rice.. tasted normal to me..
 Homemade noodle

 Curry Don.. this is nice..

  Mashed potato

 Singnature tofu.. this is nice..

 Homemade mushroom spaghetti

Friday, January 29, 2016

My Baking: Failed German Cookies

The soft dough is over soft and stick all around my finger... 
even though I follow exact amount of the ingredients from recipe.
I added flour bit by bit until it can form a proper soft dough.. 
Then form small balls and press them with folk..

Looks nice in the oven...

See the crumbs on the bottom right corner? 
I tried to pick it up but it just can't hold together..became crumbs..
(I ate most of the crumbs before taking the photo)

Thrown into oven and check every 5 minutes..
Finally it can be picked up but still too messy before send into my mouth


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thai Tanic Cuisine, Elit Avenue

The name of restaurant is catchy.. started to play "My Hear Will Go On" in my head..
The food is taste and the price is reasonable too.
We like the food here.... we will definitely come back again! 

 Seafood white tomyam.. generous portion of seafood inside..

 Prawn in egg... juicy..

 Papaya salad.. avoid the cilipadi if you cannot take too spicy food..

Simply stirfry kailan with salted fish..

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cappucino in late night.. Mc Cafe

Daddy forgot to bring house key..
Hangout in McCafe..waiting for my brother come to save us.. 
Coffee taste good and lower price compared to other coffee house..