Sunday, July 20, 2014

Healthy breakfast on bed

Chocolate milk + fresh orange juice(without sugar)
Bread with chicken ham and celery +Celery which doesn't have more space to fit in the bread..haha

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lunch in BB Cafe + Rojak from Sungai Dua

 Laksa..- OK

 Char Koay Teow - OK

 1st visit to this stall, near Sungai Dua KFC area..

Yum...No crackers but a lot of cuttle fish

Friday, July 18, 2014

Brew and cook

 Inspired by Green Tea Chocolate in Chocolate Passion..*I never tried before.. just saw on the banner in front of the shop*..First, brew my coffee and pour into a mug.Next, pour chocolate milk and some green tea powder into a pot and heated up to 60degreeC.Then, pour the milk into my coffee mug.. 
Truly 3-in-1.. no sugar added.. as the chocolate milk is already sweetened..

Aglio-olio with oven baked potato..
Hubby love it.. I love hubby love it.. 

Sushi Zanmai, Gurney Paragon

 My first visit to Penang branch.. 
As I reached quite early (11am++), only 3 tables was occupied including me..
I expect the service should be faster.. but it was not..
Most of the Japanese restaurant offer to refill green tea very frequent..
But not here, even only a few customers.. I had to raise my hand and ask for it..
It is not wrong but other Japanese restaurant put themselves in better advantage to keep their customers to visit again..

I had thicker and juicer hotate in Sushi King.. (-_-!!)


Cheese pancake.. quite special as the cheese is chewy gum like
Smells good too..

Monday, July 14, 2014

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Du Viet, KLCC

We always chose Du Viet to dine in when we visit to KLCC..

Steamed Rice Wrapped Rolls

Tomato based noodle.. with a recommended icon on the menu..
But not to my taste.. similar to mee latna or something mamak stalls

Beef patty on lemon grass stick..yummy! 

Hubby's favorite..It taste great after you add the chili paste into the soup..

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bulgogi Brothers Korean BBQ Restaurant, Mid Valley

I'm addicted to Korean food.. Just like I'm addicted to Running Man show.. :P
Thanks to hubby brought me to Mid Valley and dine in Bulgogi Brothers..:P

Served edamame, sweet potato and corn once we seated..

The side dishes were  so tasty.. especially the sweet potato mash..
Corn soup taste like canned food..sweet

Ordered heart shape patty..

My Kimuchi Jiggae

Hubby's Yuk Gae Jang