Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dinner in El Faro, Burmah Road

 Plump plump me.. (-_-!!)

 B.L.T. Sandwhich in glass

 Meat Balls..we finished the sauce..:P

 Mix Paella...the seafood is not fully cook but acceptable for me..

 Hokkaido Scallop..with some bacon on top..Juicy

 Strawberry Tiramisu.. hubby likes it..

 Photographer...he always took better pic than me... (-_-!!)

Overall, the food is nice..will come back again.. :P

Bake and Brew, Lebuh Penang

Too much cafe to explore in George Town... 
After breakfast in Paul Loiis, we walked around a few streets nearby...
Still can't let go of Bake and Brew but we are very full.. so, just a scone and a cake.. :)
We will come back next time to try the dishes on the menu.. 

 Mild and nice aroma, not too hard.. but sticky in mouth..

 Inside.. mousse...

Not "chocolate" enough.. 

Paul Loiis, King Street

Walk in town for breakfast.. planned to go Bake and Brew but it is not open yet when we reached..
Saw a new opening restaurant.. a few table was occupied.. decided to give it a try..
 Each breakfast comes with a soup and ice lemon tea... add on RM2 to change my tea to cappucino..

 Ice Lemon Tea with the busy texting guy

 My cappucino.. taste good..

 Mushroom soup.. normal soup..better than Pizza hut though..

 The Tri-Kingdon Sausages..beef, chicken and lamb..
Lamb sausage is nice on the first bite.. but a whole sausage for a person is too much..

 Egg benedict.. 

 Smoked salmon has no taste.. the hollandaise sauce is the same as Roti Bean in Lorong Chulia..
With same taste from TomYam soup...Finally we figure out is the taste of lime..
Searching blogger's review for this restaurant...found out it is the extension of Roti Bean..
No wonder the taste of the hollandaise sauce is the same...
 The menu..

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cataplana in Nandos + Caramel Macchiato in Expresso Lab, Queensbay Mall

 Cute.. haha

 Ta Dang... good to have a lot of grill vege..
But the rice is quite dry...

 Like the bread...

My favorite cafe in Penang..

Can't resist the caramel macchiato..

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My Baking: Second attemp, honey sponge cake

This time, I use aluminum tray for better heat distribution..
No more 2 layer texture.. It is fully cook.. Fluffy..and heavy..
Now is the taste problem.. The honey I used is the cheapest on the shelf in Aeon..
The smell of the honey is not pleasant..

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Steamboat in Goh Huat Seng Restaurant, Kimberly Street

1st charcoal pot experience for our Japanese friend...
The ingredient is normal, but the soup is tasty..