Saturday, September 6, 2014

Brown Pocket, Gurney Paragon

On the way to Brown Pocket, passed by Penang On 6..
Many handcraft paper bag made by kids hang across the street..

 One of my favorite, heritage house decoration..

This is our first visit to Brown Pocket.. to spent some time before our movie starts..
Probably the only time... The drinks and dessert just not to our taste as we don't like creammy cream...

 Affogato...almost half of the cup is cream..
Very little ice cream and expresso..

 Liege waffle...this is OK...

 A chocolate drink..too much of cream too..
Chocolate taste is mild..

Dubu Dubu, Urban Korean Food, Gurney Paragon

Heard about Dubu Dubu..but never been to any when we went to KL..
First visit to Dubu Dubu in Penang branch..We ordered a "All-day set"..
Hmm...overall taste is acceptable.. but will not be in the list of my favorite Korean restaurant..

 Banchan, rice and soup. The kimuchi is very very spicy..

 Beef soondubu jiggae

 Honey garlic beef bulgogi

 Citron Dubu, is actually citrus syrup on soybean jelly

Ordered an extra, Pa-Jeon, Korean pan cake

Monday, September 1, 2014

Suki-Ya, Eat-All-You-Can Sukiyaki and Shabu-shabu, Tokyo Street, Pavilion

 Miso soup and clear soup..and the sauces..

 1 round of meat balls and mushroom only..

2 round of veges...

Many round of beef...but I forgot to take the photos..haha

Komugi Cafe, Tokyo Street, Pavilion

Either we take-away or dine in, we never miss Komugi in most of our visit to KL.. 
All the pastry is so tasty...
 Cottage cheese, matcha baum, peanut+almond cronut

 I forgot what is the name of this fluffy mini cake..

 Hubby's favorite...fruit tart

1st try on their parfait...

Cappucino to warm my day... :P

Yummy Duck Roast House,鸭味无穷, Kuchai Lama

Overall food taste is OK .. the pork rub is a bit sweet for me..
Siu Yok is nice.. duck is nice too... 

 Rib, roast pork and char siew

 Duck drumstick with egg noodle..

Duck breast rice..

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Johnny Rockets, Sunway Pyramid

Overall, the sandwich and burgers is not to our taste..
Milk share is one of their specialty..but we don't quite like it too...
The waiter and waitress will have a dance session every 30minutes...quite entertaining..

 My tuna sandwich..

 Hubby's beef burger..

Smiley face ketchup by the waiter