Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hakka Tree, Gurney Plaza

Our first visit to Hakka Tree in Gurney Plaza...
Overall food is Ok with the reasonable price..
"Egg Tea"..used to have this when I was little.. recently in Ipoh..
I preferred the one in Ipoh..

 Hakka mee with salted fish cake

 Dry koay teow with minced pork and Yong Tau Fuh

Simple will do..

No fancy expresso drinks today...
A simple white coffee to kick start my day..

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Blue Reef Fish & Chips, Straits Quay

Blue Reef is one of very few restaurant which still able to survive in Straits Quay..
Most of the restaurant in Straits Quay was changed or closed down...
Although it was there for about 5 years, this is our first visit..

 Mushroom soup.. average..

 Seafood galore.. 



 We left half of the crispy on the plate..
We were old.. can't talk too much fried and oily food...

A warm cappuccino to clear my throat

Birthday Noodle and Hokkien Mee in Pinang Delicious Food Court, Macalister Road

 Taste good... but my father's cooked better than this.. :P

Although it is an award winning hokkien mee, but not to my taste

Friday, January 9, 2015

Pop in the dark, TGV 1st Avenue

The cinema is very dark.. no one turn on the light..
But under the spotlight from Hubby's phone.. 
The pop corn looks so nice..Of course it tasted nice too.. :P

Monday, January 5, 2015

Pre-birthday celebration in Plan B, Queensbay Mall

Tomorrow I will busy at work till late.. so celebrate hubby's birthday a day before.. hehe..

 The Menu..

 Beef burger.. taste nice..

 My spicy crab meat pasta.. yummy.. I love it..

Apple crumble .. not enough moisture on apple filling.. Not Ok.. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

1 Cafe, ecoffee, Kuchai Lama

Feeling sleepy.. went to grab a coffee before heading back to Pg.. 
Circle few round in Kuchai Lama and found 1 Cafe..
They sell pastry, cakes and breads too..

 Fruit tart

 Chocolate mousse

 My cappucino and Hubby's ice mocha

The sleeve is cute.. 

 Bought this for breakfast and lunch tomorow..
Hmm...after tasted .. coffee and dessert is nice.. bread is not nice... (-_-!!)